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Time of Conflict

Time of Conflict 2.0 is a war game and war game designer. It gives you the ability to design weapons, units, terrain and maps for almost any current, historical, or fictional war situation.

Time of Conflict comes with standard setups that you can use immediately. The one which is described in most detail is the World War II setup. But, you may find the Medieval, and Trek Space setups to be every bit as interesting.

In the World War II scenario, you must take cities and build up your forces. Cities tend to be the main production points.

When playing against the computer, the game has five difficulty levels, many premade maps, several map sizes, and a range of games types from a complete sea battle to a land-only battle. Depending on the size of map selected and your familiarity with the game, Time of Conflict may last hundreds of time periods, and may involve hundreds of units varying in power and type.

The game was designed so that you can get by with a dozen or so keystrokes, but dozens more are available for the experience player. A context-Sensitive menu is available which makes learning the game much easier. This menu displays only the actions which are available to the current unit at the current point in time.


New in Time of Conflict Version 2.0

Time of Conflict 2.0 has been almost completely reworked since version 1.0. There are literally hundreds of changes. Some of the more interesting or significant ones are given here. New Features

System Requirements

You will need:

Downloading Time of Conflict

Download Time of Conflict from the Download page. Select the Download link from the Navigation Bar located at the top of this page.

Frequently Asked Questions about Game Play

Once you have installed and tried Time of Conflict, come back here to review some questions and answers that other gamers have asked.


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