Trek 2000 Version 5.1 The Battle Begins



Trek 2000 is based on the initial Star Trek series. It is a move-based strategy game, with continuous bridge sounds, the well-known female computer voice, the sounds of battle, red alert sirens, and more.

You command four Federation star ships and two star bases. Your mission is to destroy the attacking Tholians, Klingons, and Romulans. You are out numbered and out gunned, and so only strategy will save the day. You can play Trek 2000 at five difficulty levels, and so, as you gain experience, the game will always present a challenge. Every game is different. Your ships and stations, along with the enemy ships and stations, are randomly located at the start of every game. During game play, you are free to save an unlimited number of games. You can enter your game commands through a list-style menu, or in a command prompt text box. During the game, information can be displayed either continuously through a scrolling text box, or through message boxes. The game was designed to work with all screen readers that work with Windows. The game comes with full online menu-driven help.


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System Requirements


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If you are using your sound card as a voice synthesizer with your screen reader, you will need a card that will support the simultaneous playing of wave files if you intend to use the Trek 2000 sounds.


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