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Pacman Talks for Windows

Written by PCS Games, Pacman Talks uses the GMA Game engine to produce a dynamic exciting sound-based arcade-style game. You control Pacman as he runs through corridors, chomping dots and avoiding ghosts. When Pacman finds and eats a power pill, he turns the tables on the ghosts, and when caught, scares them back to their ghostly mansion. Escape tunnels, high scoring fruit, safe areas, panic buttons, and many levels, help to add to the fun.

Unlike the original Pacman game, which used a top view perspective, Pacman Talks uses a first-person point of view. As you run your Pacman through passages, you hear approaching doorways well before you need to make the turn. Your ghost detector should give you plenty of warning of ghosts hiding around the next corner, but you need to be careful, since some of the ghosts are fast, and others are smart.

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