Lone Wolf – User Created Missions

This is a collection of Lone Wolf missions which were designed and created by users of Lone Wolf. Included is a description of the mission, a difficulty level from one to five, and the author’s name. Links are provided to download groups of zipped missions, with several in each Zip file. The missions are numbered sequentially, starting with mission 18 and continuing from there. Normally, if you used the default directory given at setup time, you should save the missions in the directory C:\program files\lone wolf, otherwise, use the directory you selected during setup. Mission file names have the format subgmX.dat, where X is the mission number.

Note that the difficulty level has been assigned by the author, and therefore, it does not necessarily indicate how difficult you personally will find the mission. These missions will work only with registered copies of Lone Wolf version 3 or higher.


If you would like to submit a mission to be posted here, send an attached mission file to:


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Missions 18 to 22 Descriptions

Download Missions 18 to 22!


 Missions 23 to 29 Descriptions


Download missions 23 to 29


Missions 30 to 36 Descriptions 


Download Missions 30 to 36


Missions 37 to 42 Descriptions



Download Missions 37 to 42!


Missions 43 to 47 Descriptions


 Download missions 43 to 47!


Missions 48 to 52 Descriptions


Download missions 48 to 52!


Missions 53 to 57 Descriptions


Download missions 53 to 57!


Missions 58 to 62 Descriptions


Download Missions 58 to 62!


Missions 63 to 67 Descriptions


Download Missions 63 to 67!


Missions 68 to 72 Descriptions


Download Missions 68 to 72!


Missions 73 to 77 Descriptions


Download Missions 73 to 77!


Missions 78 to 82 Descriptions


Download Missions 78 to 82!


Missions 83 to 87 Descriptions


Download Missions 83 to 87!


Missions 88 to 92 Descriptions


Download Missions 88 to 92!