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Shades of Doom is a revolutionary Window’s-based game for the visually impaired. It creates a virtual reality using sound as it’s medium. It features multi-dimensional multi-layered sound, immersing the gamer into a world of action and suspense set in the not too distant future. The game is self-voicing, and so no screen reader is required to play this game.


You are equipped with a medical kit, a few grenades, a gun, a knife, your fists, and a computer to analyze your surroundings, and you must make your way through the many levels of the top secret military research base, and shut down the ill-fated experiment. You will use the sound of the wind in the passages and rooms, the echo of your footsteps, the sounds of nearby equipment, and optionally, the guidance from your environment analyzer computer, to make your way through this dark world. You will definitely want to collect better weapons, armour, and equipment to help you succeed in this mission. Find the clues to shut down the experiment as you make your way to the ninth and most dangerous area.


Due to the graphic nature of the sounds, GMA recommends that this game should not be played by people under the age of 13.


Some of the features are:



To hear the introduction to Shades of Doom produced by Kelly Sapergia, download or play the following MP3 file. Note that this was made from a previous version of the game and that some features have been added since it was produced.


Shades of Doom Introduction



System Requirements


You will need:



Note that Shades of Doom uses some advanced sound features available in most newer sound cards. You may need to update your sound card driver if you are having problems, for example, if you find sounds are not being played in stereo. You should be able to obtain the most recent sound card drivers from your card manufacturer’s web page.



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