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MyAccount - Help

Signing In

If you have previously created an account or have requested a key replacement since November 1, 2013, you will have an account with GMA Games. In this case from the Login page enter your email address, password, and then activate the Login button. Make sure you use the email address that you used when placing your game order or last key request.

Creating a New Account

Activate the "Create Account" link from the Login page. On the account creation page, enter your email address, first and last name, phone number, and enter a password. You will need to enter the same password a second time to ensure a mistake was not made during entry. Then activate the "Create Account" button.

If your name is found in the user database, you will be asked to confirm that this email is not yours, or it is not an old email of yours. If it is your name and email, activate the "Go Back" link, and the Login page will be displayed, where you can then enter the email address we have on file for you. If it is an old email and you still have the password, login with this email, and then select the "Update Account Information" link where you can change your email. If it is an old email address to which you do not have access, and you do not have the password, contact GMA Games and we will try to help you out. Be prepared to supply details of the original purchase.

Forgot Your Password?

If you have forgotten your password, activate the "Lost Your Password?" link. On the Password Retrieval page, enter your email and activate the "Resend Password" button. You should receive your password by email within a few minutes.

Purchasing a New Game

If you do not have an account, you must first create one. After logging in, activate the "Buy New Game" link located near the bottom of the page. The Game Ordering Form will then be displayed.

Activate the check box for each game you wish to purchase. Depending on the games you have selected, you must enter the four-digit or five-digit user code from the game. If you have run My Account from your game or from the separately downloadable "GMA Games - My Account" application, these user codes will have already been filled in. Otherwise, go ahead and enter the appropriate code or codes. You may then enter an optional comment that relates to the order. When finished, activate the "Submit Order" button.

A new page will be displayed giving the games ordered, the price of each game, and the total amount of the order. Activate the "Submit Order" button once more if this is correct.

Your order is now complete and all you need to do is activate the "Pay Here" button. Note that we use PayPal to process payments. But you do not need a PayPal account. If you do not have an account, activate the "Don't have a PayPal Account?" button found near the bottom of the page and enter your credit card information.

Once GMA Games is notified of your order and receives payment, you will be sent an email containing your product key and other information regarding the order. This should happen the same day, or the next day at the latest.

Obtaining a Key for a New Computer

After logging into your account, a list of all games for which licenses have been purchased will be displayed. If you can not find your account or if you think any games are missing from this list, go to the next section for more details.

Using up and down arrows, move through the list of your game licenses , and activate the "Replace Key" link located immediately after the name of the game for which you require a new key. Depending on the game you have selected, you must enter the four-digit or five-digit user code from the game. If you have run My Account from your game or from the separately downloadable "GMA Games - My Account" application, the user code will have already been filled in. Otherwise, go ahead and enter the appropriate user code from your game.

Depending on the number of outstanding usercodes you have already requested, you will be presented with one of the following:

"Request New Key" button

or the following two buttons:

"Replace old usercode 11111"
"Replace old usercode 22222"

In the first case, the online system has figured out which of the two usercodes to replace, and you then simply need to press Enter on it. In the second case, the example shows that you currently have two outstanding usercodes, 11111 and 22222, and you must choose the one you wish to retire. You do not want to select the usercode that you still use on the game installed on your second computer.

You also have the option of selecting the Cancel link, that if selected, will return to the list of your game licenses. Otherwise, within a few minutes you should receive your new product key by email.

Note that you have a limited number of key requests per game per year. Therefore, you should only request keys for computers that you use on a permanent basis. For example, you probably do not want to obtain a key replacement for a computer that you may only be using for a week or two.

Trouble finding your previously registered game or login account

GMA Games is slowly building its new ordering and key replacement database. But unfortunately, for many reasons such as obsolete email addresses, and other personal information changes, we cannot do this automatically. Since November 1, 2013, any key requests we have received have been used to build up our database of users and game licenses. But of course, this leaves out a very large number of customers and their games.

We are continuing to build up our account database through key replacements made through the old Ordering Wizard. If you request a key using this method, an account will automatically be created if it does not exist, and along with your new key, you will be sent a temporary password that you can use to log into your account for future orders and new keys.

Lastly, if you are having a problem or have a question, send GMA Games Support an email including your email address, registration name, phone number, and a description of your problem.

if you feel an account has been created for you, but you did not receive or you do not remember your password, use the "Forgot Your Password?" link from the main login page.

Changing your Email Address or Password

Log into your account as usual, and then activate the "Update Account Information" link. The account update page will then be displayed. If you would like to change your password, enter your old password, your new password, and your new password once again to ensure there are no typing mistakes. Activate the "Change Password" button, and if there are no problems your new password will be in effect the next time you login. To change your email, enter your new email in the "New Email" field, and enter it once more in the "Confirm New Email". Then activate the "Change Email" button. Both your old and new email accounts will receive a message stating the change.

The MyAccount Application

To ensure you are using the correct user code when requesting a new product key, or when placing a new order, you may want to download the small MyAccount program from the GMA Games site. This simply discovers your four or five-digit user code, starts up the MyAccount web page, and sends the codes directly to the on-line page. This program can be downloaded directly from:

Download MyAccount Application

or you can go to the download page on the GMA Games website, and download it from there.

Many of the new or updated programs have this program built-in. This includes Shades of Doom 2.0, VIPMud 2.0, and Time of Conflict 2.0. If you are running any of these products, you will not need to download the MyAccount program. Instead, you can run MyAccount from within these products.

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