GMA Tank Commander pits you against a numerically superior force. You must move through the game by successfully completing each mission that is radioed to you. You initially land on the southern coast of an enemy held peninsula and you are required to make your way north through six sectors of enemy held territory. If you are successful, you and other surviving friendly tanks will be picked up on the northern coast of the peninsula by your tank transport.

You are equipped with standard shells, armour piercing shells, guided missiles, cruise missiles, interceptor missiles, a machine gun with armour piercing bullets, a supply of proximity triggered mines, and a quantity of smoke for defensive purposes.


This self-voicing action strategy game will immerse you in its full surround sound world. Targeting systems, recommendations from your crew, sounds of approaching enemy and environmental ambience are just a few types of sounds that make you feel you are at the controls of a modern day tank.

The download is approximately 50 megabytes.


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