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We will be adding new games and game related software to this page from time to time, and so drop in often and see what's new.


Mine Buster is an accessible version of Microsoftís Minesweeper. The object of the game is to move around a grid, and from sound or word clues, determine where the mines are hidden, and then flag them. You must also examine all the other areas making sure you don't accidentally detonate any mines. . It is a game of logic, with a small bit of luck thrown in to keep it interesting.

Download GMA Mine Buster now!


GMA Solitaire is the standard seven-stack tableau form of Solitaire, but with a twist. At a cost of points, the game allows you to cheat and get hints from the game. The game has 3D card sounds and provides direct access to Jaws, Window Eyes, and Microsoft SAPI.


Download GMA Solitaire 2.0 now!


GMA Dice is an advanced dice-rolling program. It has accurate dice rolling sounds, 12 dice roll type presets, the ability to sort and review individual dice, and the ability to re-roll one or more dice in a multi-dice roll. It is good for all dice games, but it is especially useful for advanced dice games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Yahtzee, and Dice Poker. GMA Dice is self-voicing and so a screen reader is not needed.

Download GMA Dice .


If you enjoy Yahtzee, we have a Yahtzee Excel spreadsheet that will help you keep score. Combine this with GMA Dice and you are all set. You will need to have Microsoft Excel to use this spreadsheet. In your screen reader, remember to turn on the speaking of the titles in the first row and first column of the spreadsheet.

Download the Yahtzee Excel spreadsheet.


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